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IAU trail world champs @ maxi-race

  • 81.1km
  • 4,957m
  • 10:18:13
    Moving Time
  • 7:56/km
    Avg Pace
  • 9,180


  1. Clancy Bowman

    Awesome!! How was it?

  2. Tom Brazier

    Awesome experience to see so many big dogs of trail running in one place, and stay I. The same hotel. I finished 81st/~180. Took a wrong turn early on and had a bit of dehydration/vomiting but had some really good patches on the technical downhill.

  3. Jeremy W.

    Congratulations man, you're my hero!

  4. Dave R.


  5. Clancy Bowman

    Sounds tough!

  6. Phoenix Aquila

    Great work, Tom!

  7. Aaron Knight

    Nice work Tom ! That sunburn looks painful ! Enjoy the recovery and the rest of your European adventure !

  8. David Longo


  9. Dane Roberts

    Elevation chart looks cool, some epic climbs! Well done

  10. Damien Stewart

    Congrats Tom! What's next?

  11. Jeremy C.

    Nice run! Congrats!!

  12. Tom Brazier

    Thanks guys! Next up is a few weeks of exploring/recovery then Lavaredo 120km in the dolomites at the end of June.