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Everesting Tickincor & Powers the Pot

  • 272.1km
  • 9,223m
  • 16:24:41
    Moving Time
  • 10,902


  1. Jesse S.


  2. Raymond Bourke

    Well done barry

  3. Evan S.

    Well done Barry massive achievement

  4. Graham L.

    Beyond words congratulations barry your a legend.

  5. Kenny R.

    Absolute legend Barry through class

  6. Ger Hickey

    Epic stuff Barry. One hell of an achievement!

  7. aidan osullivan

    This is UNBELIEVABLE Barry ! An achievement of a lifetime sir. Chapeau Barry !.

  8. Pat D.

    Some  performance  Barry. .Top Man

  9. Paul Lafford 🇮🇪

    No words necessary Barry. Outstanding achievement. Well done

  10. Eric P.

    Congrats Barry. Epic effort!!!!!

  11. TJ Crowe

    Super human pedalling, well done Barry

  12. Simon C.

    Congratulations , fantastic achievement, you're an inspiration to us all

  13. spike walsh

    Some man Barry

  14. Big G.

    Congrats Barry great achievement well done fella.

  15. Kevin K.

    Unbelievable....... well done Barry.

  16. Mark Power

    What a mission Barry. Well done. Legs have a well earned break.

  17. Michael W.

    Brilliant, fantastic achievement Barry

  18. Alan Bourke

    Well done Barry....savage stuff

  19. Martin W.

    Well done Barry, massive achievement

  20. Mark Young

    Mighty slog Barry, not many people gonna have that on their CV

  21. Jamie Roche

    Well done Barry #legend

  22. Alan D.

    Epic!!! Looking forward to reading about it on your blog.

  23. Owen Mansell

    Absolutely mental! Huge well done!

  24. Patrick K.

    Fair play Barry, mighty stuff!

  25. Killian McHale

    Amazing! Such an Inspiration! Well done Barry!

  26. Jason Sconnie Walsh

    Well done Barry serious achievement

  27. John W.

    Unreal. Well done

  28. Rik V.

    Amazing effort barry, huge respect

  29. Phil S.

    Well done Barry!

  30. John K.

    Well done Barry! What an achievement!

  31. Michael O'Connell

    Amazing achievement .... Higher than Everest even!!

  32. Donal C.

    Strava needs to show the weather, unbelievable into that wind. It couldn't have been worse. 10deg rain wind. Chapeau!

  33. Niall King

    Great stuff barry

  34. john maher

    Congratulations barry awesome ride

  35. Mark L.

    Brilliant Barry and very well paced. You got it just right, finishing as fast as you started. Exceeded target elevation too. Tickincor and Powers the Pot belong to you!

  36. Strava A.

    A massive achievement .We should rename that climb as Barry's Hill .

  37. Andrew Weight

    Well done Barry! Fantastic effort!

  38. Gareth Coleman

    Fantastic achievement - especially with weather at end - TickenBARRYcor!

  39. Dominic Pyke 🎱

    Well done Barry : )

  40. Colin S.

    Bet Strava never had that many metres in one spin. Well done Barry. Unbelievable achievement. Massive respect to you for doing it.

  41. Trevor Cullinan

    Well done Barry, super effort.

  42. Ian Butler

    Congratulations and well done Barry super effort chapeau!!

  43. brian dennehy

    Well done barry!

  44. Mike Bennett

    Super Human.

  45. Niall C.

    Legend Barry well done some achievement

  46. Luke O Donovan


  47. Tom Morrissey

    Can't even get my head around this achievement, well done.

  48. Jason Collins

    Barry Meehan= KING of Tickincor+Powers te Pot!! Well done

  49. Peter K.

    You made this hill higher and higher! well done

  50. paul bourke

    Well done Barry ur without doubt king of the hills