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Old La Honda + Kings Mountain

  • 64.7km
  • 1,613m
  • 2:32:41
    Moving Time
  • 1,773
  • 99
    Suffer Score


  1. Chris F.
    Chris F.

    Nice job. Do tell re the firm with an edge bit.

  2. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    Thanks! We all had a blast, what a great day. Regarding "firm" and "edge" that's a joke between Clark Foy and Greg McQuaid about pacing. No one is sure what a "firm" pace actually is, or how hard of an effort constitutes a pace "with an edge." Deliberately ambiguous. ;) However, I decided to change the name of the ride just now in order to keep it simple.

  3. Brian L.
    Brian Lucido

    Chris -
    Nice Meeting you today. I can already tell: You're going to have a great year!

  4. Clark F.
    Clark Foy

    Well done, Chris! 17:xx, 16:xx, 15:xx. I see a trend here...

  5. Michael G.
    Michael G.

    Looks like you guys grabbed 6 of the 12 top spots on OLH today. That's quite an assault! Nice job!

  6. Brian S.
    Brian Schuster

    Wow, 15:09. That's world class Chris. And Kings was just the icing on the cake! I think I need to get myself some race wheels for these saturday training rides ;-)

  7. Fritz W.
    Fritz Wuthrich

    Looks like a great start of the New Year Chris! Congrats!

  8. Josh F.
    Josh F.

    That old La Honda time is just Insane! Awesome work!

  9. Jason T.
    Jason T.

    Good God, man!

  10. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly