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Definitely no shortage of mountains around here

  • 119.8mi
  • 12,123ft
  • 7:12:48
    Moving Time


  1. kenneth reilly

    you doubled my elevation. 12,000 nice job

  2. Honey S.

    monster. you stomped that ride like the gators are gonna' stomp louisville. now follow me on strava, dangit', so i can prove what an insecure pro-ho i am (not that everyone hasn't already noticed).

  3. Matt H.

    What's the kcal count on this one. Unreal. I would be just Crumpling desserts

  4. Scott B.

    Thanks in advance for great long base mile rides...I'm heading down there week of Dec 17th for training. Noticed you hopped on parkway for a bit...is that acceptable this time of year? Isn't it closed?

  5. Bobby Sweeting

    Haha Matt, I'm trying not to. Just over 6k kJ on this one. Scott, the parkway can get cold in the winter so sometimes it's not very fun, but today was ok. They'll close it occasionally by using gates, but you can just ride around them on your bike. It's actually really nice because it means you have big stretches without cars. As long as there's no ice then it's totally fine.

  6. Jana Morse

    I have mountain envy! I'll be back.