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Celebrated my birthday by running my age

  • 35.0mi
  • 7,769ft
  • 5:58:17
    Moving Time
  • 10:14/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,179


  1. Marc Krejci

    A sane person would've just done it on flat surface instead of climbing 7,700ft. #iftheshoefits

  2. Mookie K.

    Is that a Fenix 2?

  3. Marc Krejci

    Yup. Like it very much. At least, that was until the Fenix 3 came out... ;p

  4. Mookie K.

    Lol. I have the Fenix 3, but have switched back to 920xt until they get their firmware fixed. Happy birthday btw!

  5. Amy B.

    Awesome! Happy birthday.

  6. Jason M.

    You are an animal!

  7. Marc Krejci

    Thx guys!

  8. Kim A.

    Hahaha now that's a first I hadn't heard of before! Quite impressive run! Oh and Happy Birthday to you!! :-)

  9. Domingo togiram

    Amanzing  run!!!!