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Pescadero Cycling Competition with Team Mike's Bikes/Equator for the win

  • 113.4mi
  • 8,465ft
  • 4:50:57
    Moving Time
  • 5,186


  1. Paul H.
    Paul H.

    Dude, first? Saw the announcement on Twitter from NCNCA. You are the MAN!

  2. Dean P.
    Dean Pogni


  3. Nathaniel E.
    Nathaniel English

    Thanks guys. It was a fun and dynamic race.

  4. Dean P.
    Dean Pogni

    Glad that the world's biggest saddle bag didn't hold you back too :)

  5. Nathaniel E.
    Nathaniel English

    Dude. If I flatted and didn't have my bag I couldn't have finished

  6. Michael V.
    Michael Vetterli

    Wow! Congrats!

  7. Dennis J.
    Dennis J.

    Way to go!!!

  8. Rob S.
    Rob S.

    Congrats Nate!  Awesome win in an epic race!

  9. Nathaniel E.
    Nathaniel English

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support. Definitely it was a team win. I didn't have to do much for the win really. The team did all the hard work earlier in the race.

  10. Kevin M.
    Kevin Metcalfe

    So you won districts with a saddle bag didn't you?  :-). Congrats