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12/11/2012 Toronto, ON, Canada

  • 10.8km
  • 55:53
    Moving Time
  • 5:08/km
    Avg Pace
  • 916


  1. Clara Hughes

    finally a run after all the days of hiking in utah! felt slow running and snow was falling a little but great to get all. Always transformed after a run!

  2. Mohamed E.

    welcome to run world

  3. Clara Hughes

    I guess I should call it jogging not running :)

  4. Nando Reis

    Clara, just wondering if you listen to music while you run. Also, what device do you use for uploading?

  5. Clara Hughes

    no I don't listen to music when I run or ride...if out in a great natural environment I like the sounds of nature and if in the city I always like to hear my surrounds...I use the garmin edge 500

  6. Michael S.

    No music=Like

  7. Freddy Carlberg

    Welcome to Toronto! Come by La Bicicletta tomorrow if you have time! or come visit us in Mississauga tonight with our cycling club and a few pints.

  8. Solominski K.

    I tied using my 500 for running and it was a disaster. It never seemed to get the satellite correctly and my pace was off. Have you had any issues with that? I finally broke down and got myself the Forerunner 110.

  9. Fast Freddie Rodriguez

    Thanks for my Kudos, by the way I hope you will be able to join me on my backroads for fast freddie gran fondo next year.

  10. Drew Gragg

    Deanna, I had the same problem, not sure why.

  11. Clara Hughes

    Hi Deanna- I've had this problem a few times but 99 % of the time it seems to work. But then again I had another garmin that just stopped working. So this is #2!