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lots of climbing

  • 180.3km
  • 3,036m
  • 6:08:48
    Moving Time
  • 5,172
  • 141
    Suffer Score


  1. Adam Orchon

    appears to be perfect weather on the Canary Islands :D

  2. Kristof W.
    Kristof W.

    mooi tandprofiel:)

  3. Ben FR

    You should check out the island next door for some bigger climbs!

  4. Jay G.
    Jay G.

    good ride that Laurens shame you didn't climb 39ft more even so great workout

  5. John K.
    John K.

    I gave you kudos to bring your total up to an even 60.

  6. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    are you there with the team on training camp, or by yourself?

  7. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Come to San Diego....we do rides like this all the time.

  8. David Connolly

    holy shit

  9. David Connolly

    holy shit

  10. Tommy Fad


  11. Marco P.
    Marco P.

    Dat bevalt vast beter dan de Hollansche koude.

  12. Erik M.
    Erik M.

    Dat was precies wat ik ook dacht. Zeker na vandaag, gemiddeld -2 :-) Veel plezier en trainingskilometers daar !!

  13. Laurens ten Dam

    @michael Team training!

  14. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    @Laurens, Blanco Pro Cycling Team training!

  15. Jorick D.
    Jorick D.

    @Laurens ten Dam, Wat zou je zeggen dat het beste canarische eiland is voor een goede wintertraining?

  16. Jeronimo L.
    Jeronimo L.

    Blanco shirts zijn vet, want one!

  17. Marc V.
    Marc V.

    ik vind: kopman in de TDF -> verdiend!

  18. Marc V.
    Marc V.

    ik vind: kopman in de TDF -> verdiend!

  19. Phil D.
    Phil D.

    Go team Blanco!

  20. Simon Hill

    No KOM's, must try harder ;-)

  21. Grant Heath

    Amazing location to ride. Compared to Sydney Australia. Haha.

  22. Richard Stewart

    Wow! Nice route, LTD.