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Manatee becoming manly as we are pushed by BB

  • 30.5mi
  • 4,021ft
  • 2:28:26
    Moving Time
  • 2,170


  1. Ben Bostrom

    Trophy room looks full!!! Nice job today E. Way to say "oh...hi Nick. Here is how my day went." ;0

  2. Norman L.
    Norman L.

    Nice that you bros can share KOMs.

  3. Bryan F.
    Bryan F.

    You didn't just steal those KOM's, you looted 'em, raped 'em and pillaged em. Sweet

  4. Eric Bostrom

    KOM on a DH!! Can thank mother nature for that one :)
    Thanks for being sympathetic and recognizing that my trophy wall needs help Jack

  5. Nicky Backbone

    Love it! Motivated to go out and give it a try. This time with traction. ;-)

  6. Lo  L.
    Lo L.

    Wednesday, saw you on Latigo and today in a black sprinter van as we were mounting our bikes by Corral Canyon trailhead (not sure if it is you or your brother). That single track was amazing though! Thank you for leading the way.

  7. Ben Bostrom

    Hi MM, you saw JL. That is the entrance to escondido canyon you were parked at and it will take you over to Kanan believe it or not. Follow old chimney.

  8. Lo  L.
    Lo L.

    Good stuff. Thanks Bostrom.