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Canyons, Lakes and Frosty mist

  • 15.0mi
  • 1,531ft
  • 2:03:54
    Moving Time
  • 8:15/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,936


  1. Tanya F.

    Funny, I rode with Tom Lyons today (he knows who you are as he's done WS100 etc and run for years) and he said we rode right past you last Sunday when you were running that Lucas/Nicasio loop! I remember seeing a runner but was too busy watching wheels in front of me and not looking at much else. Funny how often we pass each other!

  2. Devon Yanko

    Ha! I had wondered if you were in that pack that sped by me when I saw your route! Very funny. Are you up and running again? How's the tendons?

  3. Tanya F.

    On my run yesterday, I had to dial back a couple of times cause I could feel them getting grumpy : ( I felt a little soreness this AM as well. I am SO not patient with injuries...which is likely why I continue to struggle with this one. I'm sure you can relate : )