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Josh Dapice

Berkeley, CA
  • 15
    Activities in 2019
  • 896.2
    kilometers Ridden in 2019
  • 1300

B2VT 2015

Ride June 13, 2015
  • 215.1km
  • 2,464m
  • 6:10:13
    Moving Time
  • 4,414
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  1. Daryl S.
    Daryl S.

    Big day! Way to go.

  2. Hanns D.
    Hanns D.

    Saw this mileage and threw up in my mouth a tiny bit

  3. Ben K.
    Ben K.

    It was great riding with you. Going up those hills was fun. I lived in Davis, CA for awhile and never road Diablo. Wish I had.

  4. Josh Dapice
    Josh Dapice

    Ben - That was a great ride. First 40 miles were the hardest for me. Got my money's worth at the last two rest stops including tons of clif shots which helped.

  5. Josh Dapice
    Josh Dapice

    Hanns - it was a big group so plenty of room to hide out from the wind!

  6. Jon T.
    Jon T.

    Thanks for coming out Josh, made for a fun day for sure.

  7. Josh Dapice
    Josh Dapice

    Jon - glad you had that clif bar! 20 miles solo into that headwind did not sound like fun.

  8. Jon T.
    Jon T.

    Appreciate the cliff bar, I'm sure it saved the day.

  9. Steve G.
    Steve G.

    It was great riding with you. Excellent work! I just made the connection that you're probably Rob's bro. Wasn't he the junior powerhouse tearing up New England back in the early 90's?

  10. Josh Dapice
    Josh Dapice

    Steve - yes good eyes!  I am Rob's brother - he was out there with us as well.


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