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16/12/2012 Meryla Meandering Recon Ride 2

  • 53.2km
  • 1,221m
  • 3:39:02
    Moving Time
  • 2,131
  • 205
    Relative Effort


  1. Michael Jones

    Aways wanted to do that ride. How was it? Was the climb back up the top insanely steep or OK?

  2. Greg L.

    You should have ridden up Mcphails FT to miss the road.

  3. Shane Black

    Michael, Barrengarry is a bit steeper than Macquarie Pass but not as bad as Jamberoo Pass or Saddleback Mountain if you 've done any of those to compare to. It was hot and tough today but it felt good to make it up a hill that a couple of cars overheated and broke down on though. If you want to do the ride I'll be back there on the 29th running it as an Audax ride. The official ride ends at the pie shop down the bottom but you're welcome to ride back up afterwards if you wish..

    Greg, one day I'll give it a go. Haven't been down it yet either.

  4. Michael Jones

    Shane, Yep climbed Macquarie OK, cried and turned around on Saddleback, only gone down Jamveroo pass, I have no desire to climb it.
    MMM might be interested in that. See how I pull up after night shift. Will give you an email if I am going.