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Skyline/Kings/Enilyks w/ Greg

  • 123.4km
  • 2,109m
  • 4:33:45
    Moving Time
  • 3,187
  • 150
    Suffer Score


  1. Brian S.
    Brian Schuster

    So... no noon ride? Doesn't matter, as you top-10'd Kings Mtn with no race wheels! 22 minutes is a long time to hold 315 watts. And also, 17 mph average up portola?! Crikey!

  2. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    No, we decided to skip the noon ride. We've done a plenty of OLH lately. As for King's and Twin Peaks from Portola, this is what the big ring can do for you. That's how Greg and I did the entire ride from the start of Skyline.

  3. James W.
    James W.

    6,900'?!!? I am sure my legs did not have another 2,3k in them today! Do you ride a compact or standard crank on that parlee?

  4. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    @James A compact (50/34), because I want to have real knees well into old age. ;) I ride an 11-25 cassette (11-speed) in the rear. What about you, standard 53/39 crankset or compact?

  5. James W.
    James W.

    Precisely the same everything. But a 10-speed ultegra group. Oh, and I weigh 158lbs., probably 20+ more than you, Contador....