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12/16/2012 Scottsdale, AZ UnitedHealthcare pro cycling team training camp day 7

  • 145.5km
  • 1,382m
  • 4:09:04
    Moving Time
  • 3,962


  1. Scott Carson

    Can't wait for the Blue Train to get rolling again. My prediction - 25 winds this season!

  2. Davide Frattini

    Thanks Scott!

  3. Scott Carson

    No problem. Doubt u remember me but I work for UHC and we met at an event just outside of DC. We hit golf balls with Chef Spike from the Food Network. I've been following u guys since then and brag to the local bike shop about the team all the the time. I also took my family to the Air Force Classic where the team all signed a helmet for him. Robert won the Clarendon Cup race. Tell the guys when they come out this way I'd love to tag along with you all. I could lead the Blue Train for a 100 meters or so before you all drop me. Good luck, stay safe and watch for some more posts and comments. Can't wait for first race.

  4. Davide Frattini

    Scott you are welcome to join our training ride. We'll be back to defend Air Force Classic title next year.