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Short intervals, cat n fiddle effort, short intervals..#jellylegsnow :-S

Ride June 18, 2015
  • 87.0km
  • 1,197m
  • 2:54:04
    Moving Time
  • 2,451
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  1. Stephen I.

    Nice ride pal.

  2. Lee Baldwin (velochampion /Buxton CC)

    Thanks dude...bit of #official100climbs hunting ;-).. Check out this segment on Strava: http://app.strava.com/segments/6681311 — OFFICIAL 100Climbs No70 Cat and Fiddle

  3. Stephen I.

    Some nice scalps their pal.hes not having a good month dowset.hahaha.

  4. Stuart L


  5. Mike H.

    First the Hour and now this! Poor fella's palmares is taking a battering.

  6. Lee Baldwin (velochampion /Buxton CC)

    Lol...he won't even notice losing a kom.
    Reckon dowset is good for taking the hour record back in the next year or two tho!

  7. David J.

    Great effort on the cat and fiddle Lee

  8. John W.

    Hi Lee, John here from Cycling Plus magazine. We're putting a feature together for our Tour of Britain preview that's looking at the KOMs the race is heading over this year. We're hoping to speak to the current holders about the climb and how they feel about the pros potentially pinching them! Drop me an email on john.whitney@immediate,co.uk if you're interested. thanks, John

  9. John W.

    Oh, and it's regarding your effort on the Cat and Fiddle...

  10. John W.

    And my email is slightly off there! It's john.whitney@immediate.co.uk