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Epic run / hike Mt Whitney to 14500 ft

  • 21.7mi
  • 7,011ft
  • 7:34:08
    Moving Time
  • 20:55/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,706


  1. Ernie Cruz

    What type of backpack do you have?

  2. Clinton C.


  3. Floris Gierman

    I have a simple Solomon 1.5 liter backpack, works great

  4. David Villalobos

    Did you verify the 99 switch backs by counting them?

  5. Ernie Cruz

    Nice. Is that the same one you wore on your 100 miler? Great job on the two btw

  6. M S.

    Awesome dude! 

  7. Floris Gierman

    Haha @david, I was way too busy not to slam with all the water, snow and ice on the trail. Lots of switch backs for sure!

  8. Floris Gierman

    @Ernie, yup same one!

  9. John T.

    Epic indeed! Great job!

  10. Scotty Rev

    Was the 1.5 L enough or did you find water along the way?

  11. Rob S.

    Epic day!! Congrats

  12. Floris Gierman

    Scott, we had 1.5 L pack plus 1 hand held each. Made it to 14500 then down to 13000 when we ran out of water. Then we filled our empty bottle and pack with ice. I noticed I drank more due to high altitude.

  13. Floris Gierman

    Cheers John, Rob, Clinton and M Stone

  14. Hieu Vu

    I'm thinking of doing this!!

  15. Floris Gierman

    You should, such an epic run. Make sure to get a permit. Right now it’s probably already snowing at the top, small few month window that it’s really runable Hieu Vu

  16. Hieu Vu

    thx been thinking about this. Maybe spring or summer 2018 if the wife lets me get away for a day!