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Kinda not used to all this climbing...

  • 47.8mi
  • 5,193ft
  • 4:01:47
    Moving Time
  • 2,151
  • 156
    Suffer Score


  1. Glenn O.
    Glenn Olua

    Nice QOM's & hardware collection!

  2. Christie R.
    Christie R.

    Thanks! Tried to replicate your route through Monte Sereno...holy moly. Going the opposite way through Canon (and up Hidden Dr) is brutal! Had to abandon the route after that, my legs were cooked!

  3. P Dub (.
    P Dub (.

    That's some nice tiaras you earned on this ride...nice!

  4. Glenn O.
    Glenn Olua

    The last climb, Peach Hill is not very steep, probably 5% grade or so and short. Next time....

  5. Christie R.
    Christie R.

    The turn you took onto Greenwood - there was a crew digging up the whole street! I had to ride straight, over a funky little private dirt road. Is it common to bicycle through there? It's so tight, seems like the residents might get annoyed...

  6. Glenn O.
    Glenn Olua

    Lucky takes you to Greenwood and it was OK/clear during the summer. I stopped and spoke with one of the neighbors about a month ago and they are putting in some type of drainage line... Probably not the best route now with all of the rain, etc...