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First ride since the Dragon, last ride before the Marmotte

  • 62.5km
  • 1,079m
  • 2:08:39
    Moving Time


  1. Gavin B.

    Not long to Marmotte Andy - enjoy. Montvernier looks excellent. Just under 3 weeks to go for me.

  2. Andy Connor

    This is all just part of my training programme for next years MW Corsican triathlon...! Good luck in France.

  3. Gavin B.


  4. Tim H.

    what's wrong with you man. An out and back from Princetown and you took the flat route...

  5. Andy Connor

    Tapering, Tim. Tapering. I gather its quite the done thing these days.

  6. Tim H.

    Well when you're finding L'Alpe d'Huez a struggle you might regret missing those 300ft.