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Ride today, nasty weather tomorrow

  • 87.7mi
  • 3,411ft
  • 4:42:11
    Moving Time
  • 4,826
  • 110
    Suffer Score


  1. Ted G.
    Ted G.

    Find a good snack in Market Sq?

    I went to UNH and now live in Oregon...I miss Portsmouth!!

    Looks like a great ride.

  2. Eric Nichols

    Judging by the elevation profile, your first 47 miles were in a pedal-powered submarine. No doubt a Pro training secret for adding extra resistance.

  3. Jeremiah BISHOP

    Hey you should come visit Virginia for a couple days not balmy but good for 8-10 degrees. Dobrowski and Ben King are here for a while too.

  4. Ted King

    It has crossed my mind more than once Jeremiah. Thanks for the message. At the end of the day, family time trumps being comfortable on the bike. New England in December... we are getting a little bit of everything. Per usual. This weekend is downright sunny, in fact!

  5. Paulo E.
    Paulo E.

    Hi, Ted! Better come to the portuguese Algarve again. I'm riding at night and the average temperature is about 14º C. Imagine how it is during the day. :-) Merry Christmas!

  6. Aaron Miller

    nice ride, but what are you wearing on your feet? C-dale product?