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Lavaredo, it's hard to feel bad after sunrise coz ur so damn pretty!

  • 116.2km
  • 5,551m
  • 14:45:27
    Moving Time
  • 7:44/km
    Avg Pace
  • 12,297


  1. Gay Robertson

    Huge achievement Tom! Beautiful place.

  2. Tom Brazier

    29th I think with 14:59. Diet consisted of tailwind, perpetuem solids, concentrated caffeine concoction, Pepsi, chocolate, bananas, sports drink, red bull, sultanas, rice with vege stock, random gel from pharmacy.

  3. Tom Brazier

    Actually 23rd male. But got chicked twice.

  4. Paul Navesey

    Well done Tom!

  5. Dave R.

    Awesome run!! Congrats!

  6. J P

    Great job mate!

  7. Pierre-François Loos

    Super job Tom!!!

  8. Jake Lee

    I like this name

  9. Lil M.

    Well done Tom.

  10. Paul Cuthbert

    Fantastic. Congratulations!

  11. Shaun Creighton

    Incredible run. Well done

  12. Fill O.

    Epic run Tom!

  13. Chris H.

    Great run Tom!

  14. Jack McPhee

    Crazy! Awesome work

  15. Aaron Knight

    Great run, Stoked for you !

  16. Mark Lee

    Hope you didn't cramp too much on the way to Delhi :)

  17. Bender C.

    nice work in the dolomites, rock on!