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Attack of the HUNS: High Uintas North Slope

  • 88.4mi
  • 8,725ft
  • 10:02:55
    Moving Time
  • 3,560


  1. Kenneth Samuel

    Here's a new game to play: What's the longest ride you can do with ZERO strava segments defined? I'll start with 88 miles.

  2. Jason G.

    I'm pretty sure you're ready for Crusher. Probably. Definitely.

  3. David Moss

    It was 79 degrees at 4 am when I started my ride...coolest it got

  4. Laurelee Fleischel

    Ugh David!
    And Ken, you should make your entire ride a segment. Title Ken's Attack of the Huns!

  5. Jacob B.

    That's a good ride. Can you tell me was any of this single track or all roads.

  6. Kenneth Samuel

    It's all roads, most are in really good shape but one section was steep, loose, & rocky