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Chattanooga Waterfront Tri -- fastest & blackest bike on the day

  • 25.8mi
  • 1,299ft
  • 1:02:20
    Moving Time
  • 1,157


  1. Buddy Perdue

    That's smoking fast! Great job

  2. Emily Borden

    "we thought we had a good pace, until you flew by us"

  3. Chris Douglas

    Sick ride!

  4. Christopher Borden

    ....if I would've been smart like you and ridden 20 seconds slower, I'm sure I couldve knocked 3 minutes of my run too.  Heck of a day, man.  I just hate there was no one there to give you a fight!

  5. Chris Douglas

    Yeah.. I think a big part of that issue was the rolling start. Always more fun to race people than the clock! I don't think anyone on the podium ran to their full potential.

  6. Christopher Borden

    i cant disagree with TT sucking, but you had a solid day. I shouldnt speak for Jonathan, but it didnt look like anyone there brought enough game to threaten you.

  7. Chris Douglas

    Maybe not on that day, but future races will be exciting!