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Haleakala Ascent

  • 35.4mi
  • 10,020ft
  • 3:20:51
    Moving Time
  • 3,472


  1. Nick Leger

    amazing effort Steve! I'm looking to do this mid-december this year. Any recomendations in terms of gear to bring out? Is the summit cold that time of year? Any advice is much appreciated. Nice ride!

  2. Steve MacIntyre

    Thanks Nick. Weather should be perfect that time of year. Start early to avoid late morning wind and rain. If the rain doesn't get you by around the 6,000 ft mark, you should be above the clouds and dry to the summit. It gets a bit cool up top, so pack a warm layer, including shell and gloves for the descent. Also, bring $5 for the park entrance toll. Two bottles and a nutella sandwich was barely enough to get me to summit. Water is available at the main tourist complex, just below the peak.
    Good luck, and have fun!