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CRCC Langham 10 - 25:41 on a road bike. Happy with that

Ride July 1, 2015
  • 10.5mi
  • 102ft
  • 25:43
    Moving Time
  • 488
  • 45
    Relative Effort
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  1. Andy H.

    Nowt wrong with that :-)

  2. Ian F.

    very respectable.

  3. Preston Staudt


  4. Peter Shaw

    Cheers! Chuffed with that. Reckon there is a bit more to come though as my pacing was pretty crap. Will try again in two weeks. :-)

  5. Peter Shaw

    300W 10 is the goal.

  6. Jamil S.

    That looks pretty good, Pete. HR looks ok too, but I don't really know how that should look. Impressive max after all that effort! (I wish I'd done this instead of Trinity). Oh well.

  7. Andy H.

    HR line looks about spot on

  8. Peter Shaw

    HR does look good. Nice steady increase. Power is a bit erratic though so I need to even that out a bit.

    Same course in two weeks time Jamil, if you fancy it? I think there's even another go later in July.

  9. Andy H.

    Power always fluctuates especially on a course like that. Tbh your best off turning the thing off and riding on feel without power or HR. I've ditched both and am all the better for it

  10. Peter Shaw

    I'm only using it as a guide and to stop me overdoing it in the first mike or so. :-) I try to ride on feel but I'm still figuring out my limits.

    I definitely don't pay attention to heart rate. :-D

  11. Matthew Bond

    Told you so Jamil! Decent ride Pete on a standard machine - 25m tt next? ;)