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Benjamin Culton

Colac, VIC, Australia
  • 16
  • 151.0
    kilometers Ridden
  • 188

How much pudding can I eat tommorow?

Ride December 24, 2012
  • 303.7km
  • 4,691m
  • 10:49:38
    Moving Time
  • 7,789
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  1. Stephen Lane I HPTek

    Dude.. That is a massive effort. Eat a turkey to yourself tomorrow..

  2. Ian D.

    you can eat all the puddings tmw.

  3. John Van Seters

    Heaps ! so much so you couldnt ride for a few days !

  4. Benjamin Culton

    Feel pretty good after yesterday but no riding will be done today. Back into it on Thursday.

  5. Benjamin Culton

    Dr Lane a question for you. If you do a ride at .698 IF but it's over 300 km and you have a TSS of 533 from it. Is it still classed as a recovery ride? :)

  6. Tony L.

    Mate eat as much as you like, awesome work

  7. Harrison W.

    What an amazing ride. You make the rest of us look like Xmas turkeys...

  8. Benjamin Culton

    No Harrison just making the rest of you look like you're sane humans and not co co bananas.

  9. Benjamin Culton

    Thanks Tony. Best part of the day for sure was catching Nick and yourself going up Skenes Crk and then catching Nick climbing out of Lorne. Hardest part of the day was the last 15km when I hunger flatted and the lights went out.

  10. Geoff Parker

    Awesome ride. Lets keep the aussie's up there

  11. Mark F.


  12. Jacob T.

    And 4.6 km of climbing!!! Ridiculous.

  13. Jed B.

    Nice work. What was this in aid of?