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Greasy 42.2mi NEK (stupid Strava)

  • 38.7mi
  • 6,265ft
  • 4:31:50
    Moving Time
  • 2,816


  1. Paul L.
    Paul Lohnes

    so thats where you went

  2. Doug J.
    Doug Jansen

    Yeah, was already on the road when you called. NH hands free law went into effect July 1. There were cops every two minutes on the highway, so I didn't dare pick up. Debating whether I should pick up a headset or not. Don't really talk that much when I'm driving.

    Was a challenging day at NEK. Enough recurring wet spots that the tires stayed packed up most of the time. Always had to be careful. The descent from Mansion View/Worth It was pretty sweet flow trail. These trails were always on the map but grayed out closed. It's been closed as least as long as Strava has been around (8yrs?), as rides on this segment started last week.

  3. Michael M.
    Michael McCusker

    Sure looked like a royal day for climbs. Nice.

  4. Jody A.
    jody adamonis

    zoom in on the darling hill part of your ride, your track is the outline of a person.

  5. Doug J.
    Doug Jansen

    Ha, a couple times I've intentionally created "GPS art," but this is accidental. I wrote my wife's name out once riding ice on a lake. Another time I spelled the letters FU on city streets.