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Jim Knight Shadow Tour

San Diego, CA
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2015 Shadow Tour Stage 1 Complete. Was a minefield of micro-climates out there today. Rocked a couple times, but pulled it back together.

Ride July 4, 2015
  • 200.5mi
  • 17,051ft
  • 13:22:38
    Moving Time
  • 8,487
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  1. Greg Sherman
    Greg Sherman

    You doubled my elevation today if I rode with you today I'd still be out there in the mountains

  2. jonnyknight ✌
    jonnyknight ✌


  3. Jim Knight Shadow Tour
    Jim Knight Shadow Tour

    Tks Greg. That Stage was a major hurt. In addition to all Mother Nature threw out there, at mile 150, on top of PM for 2nd time, realized only 19% left on my Garmin battery, w 50 miles 2 go. That was 3 P.M. Figured out (wasn't easy!) needed to make it back to the coast, thru 4th of July traffic, in blazing July heat, on thrashed legs, via Cole Grade (of course) by 6 P.M. Don't think I've ever gone that fast. Finished at 5:55 w 1% left. Dug way deep. Surely a price to pay awaits. Still look forward to logging some miles w u Brother!

  4. Shawn McNally
    Shawn McNally

    Wow, incredible Jim...... Recover well and keep it going, no words.....

  5. R G.
    R G.

    Doing the math from your start time and coming up with 15 hours on the bike, with the last 50 miles done in 3 hours? That is a real self inflicted beat down, Jim. 
    I hope you have some energy left to celebrate the 4th!

  6. Dave K.
    Dave K.

    NICE job!

  7. Matt Babb
    Matt Babb

    Unable to comprehend... Amazing physical effort.

  8. Jackie C.
    Jackie C.

    Shadow Tour Stage 1...WAY more exciting & BRUTAL than TdF short ITT!!! BRAVO BRAVO JK!!!

  9. Jim Corriere
    Jim Corriere

    Congratulations on the first leg of your tour. I like the photos, especially the observatory.

  10. SWIFT Y

    Freedom on a bike is still this endless grueling work. Amazing.


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