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07/05/2015 Cream Puff Loop. Hard even with gears

Ride July 5, 2015
  • 45.0mi
  • 7,877ft
  • 6:39:06
    Moving Time
  • 2,348
  • 157
    Relative Effort
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  1. timgray70 ...

    Wow ... hard to look at on paper ... lol ...

  2. Steve Lampretini

    Great job! I think you are ready fro the puff!

  3. Steve Lampretini

    Is your 6:39 time including any stops...or you didnt stop?

  4. Furiosa d' PNW

    I stopped and found a few chatty friends along the way. Not super happy with time. Held myself back on Clover Patch descent. Need practice.

  5. Furiosa d' PNW

    Not ready yet. :/. 24 hour race next weekend should push me. Over 16,5 k feet this weekend. Need to do that in 1 day...in the heat.

  6. Steve Lampretini

    You look real close to being there!

  7. Furiosa d' PNW

    This race has over a 65% dnf rate. Last year, 3 of 7 women finished; and their ages are 15 - 20 years younger than me. It is hard.

  8. Steve Lampretini

    That is why I said "real close".

  9. Trevor R.

    You make it sound hard. Your legs and lungs are upto the challange. It's ur head that will seal the deal, but mentally strong.

    Oh and I watched a race this weekend, 500 started, 5 finished.

  10. Furiosa d' PNW

    Thank you, Trevor. I want it. No doubt. But it will be mile 75 that becomes a special kind of hell on this course.

  11. Shawn Litson

    6:39...that's about the pace you were shooting for wasn't it?

  12. Furiosa d' PNW

    True, Shawn. But I wanted an easier 6.5. Some mechanical issues & the heat on Cloverpatch drove me batty.

  13. Julie O'Brien

    Nice job. I am considering trying to navigate a portion of this course next weekend. Sounds like it's as tough as I have heard. Way to go get it!

  14. Furiosa d' PNW

    You will have fun, Julie! Go dominate Cloverpatch & CP tie for me.

  15. Julie O'Brien

    Ha! I am checking to see if I can survive the half distance. Your pre-ride Iooks great- I will cheer you on if I make it out!!