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Jim Knight Shadow Tour

San Diego, CA
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2015 Shadow Tour Stage 4 Complete. 4th & final Palomar Mt Stage. Sweep Complete (lowered all previous times): S. Gde (1:18:01), E. Gde (1:00:11 - ST PR), Epie Rd (13:55 - ST PR), Total TIme (12:17:44 - ST PR).

Ride July 10, 2015
  • 200.5mi
  • 16,450ft
  • 12:17:44
    Moving Time
  • 8,580
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  1. R G.
    R G.

    Don't know which to admire more, your mileage or starting on your bike before 3am? Great job with the gutsy assault on your own PR's.

  2. Jim Knight Shadow Tour
    Jim Knight Shadow Tour

    Thx Robert. Today's story was a freakish evil cold cloud engulfing PM from about 4,000 ft to summit. 100% humidity, so totally wet, and high altitude, so very cold. In morning S. Gde climb, got to top, totally soaked,, and started shivering in 48F temps at 8:49 A.M.. Miserable, wet, frigid descent, with poor braking. Limped 10 miles across on Hwy 76 to Lake Henshaw, where had to shut it down for 2 cups of hot coffee, before I could continue. Afternoon ascent on E. Gde was still quite cool, temp at top was 63F at 12:45 P. M, but that bloody cold cloud persisted and made the descent awful again! Glad this one's safely in the books. I'm okay with managing reasonable risk, but this kind of hazard is way over the line.

  3. Jim Corriere
    Jim Corriere

    Wow, you accomplished all of those miles and we're still able to take pictures? Absolutely amazing accomplishments! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. jonnyknight ✌


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