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some powertrainining done

  • 126.3km
  • 1,076m
  • 4:12:13
    Moving Time
  • 3,687
  • 94
    Relative Effort


  1. Ben Van de Weyer

    4x de Loorberg... bij gebrek aan hogere?

  2. Eerdv D.

    Hill reps

  3. René N.

    793 watt getrapt moet wel heel erg lekker voelen.

  4. Mr A.

    I managed 80 miles in UK in such terrible wind conditions. How is the wind in Holland?

  5. Ben Van de Weyer

    hi Jason.... it's 'windy'

  6. Mr A.

    Yeah not much fun. I tried riding a head/tail ride. And it hurt!

  7. Robert D.

    Hill reps and staying under threshold? I can't get over how low the HRM bpm is at the Watts figures

  8. Mr A.

    Maybe somebody should not have their HR and WATTS available for analysis??
    There are certain things that can give big effects to these.

  9. Robert D.

    do enlighten us...

  10. Mr A.

    A skipping HR meter. And they shouldn't allow us mere mortals to be seeing just how bloody phenomenal they are compared to us mere mortals!! You didn't think I'd follow a cheat did you?

  11. Robert D.

    I thought he was taking it easy, avoiding even tempo except on those climbs, so not normal hill reps, more like hit 350W and maintain it for a minute or something

  12. Seth M.

    4x Loorberg en maar 4 seconden verschil tussen snelste en minst snelle beklimming? Respect!

  13. Jerome D.

    Little flashback of the worldrace I filmed earlier this year with LTD @ 0:32