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DMV 50K training run: What Condition My Condition Was In

  • 31.1mi
  • 4:21:21
    Moving Time
  • 8:23/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,582


  1. David R.
    David Roche

    That's one of the most epic things I've ever seen.

  2. Dan F.
    Dan F.

    Crazy lady!  Did Michael try to kill you at least once?

  3. Brian M.
    Brian Murphy

    Holy crap! Nice run, Amanda!

  4. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Thanks, David. That's incredible praise coming from you. Dan, we got along just fine, but he had to bail with stomach issues near Bethesda. Still got in 21 or so, I think.

  5. Jerome G.
    Jerome Gerrior

    Very nice long run Amanda !  " Cheers "

  6. Dan F.
    Dan F.

    I'm more impressed on how well you paced it.

  7. James F.
    James F.

    31 on pavement? Ouch!

  8. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Gotta train for Comrades, James! Need to find more hills, though.

  9. Vittoria C.
    Vittoria C.

    Fantastic run!!!

  10. Brian M.
    Brian Murphy

    Mormon Temple, up in MoCo just past the stables and 495, has a pretty good hill that I hit every once in a while. Then there's the "Silencer" north of Randolf Road on the Rock Creek Trail. It's a good rolling hill section or a great spot for repeats.

  11. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Thanks, Brian. I'm also thinking Four-Mile Run would be a good spot. Forgot about the Rock Creek trail up north. I can definitely run that way.

  12. Paul K.
    Paul Karlsen

    Very impressive. Just realized it was you guys on the CCT. If I'd known I would have been cheering you on.

  13. James F.
    James F.

    Didn't know you were doing Comrades, this year?

  14. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Running Comrades next year in May 2016. I'd like to qualify with the A standard, which is a 3:00 marathon, so that's the fall goal. Getting close! And Paul, I made sure to say hi this time.

  15. Gretchen L.
    Gretchen L.


  16. Bobby B.
    Bobby B.


  17. Jennifer N.
    Jennifer Naquin Fox

    WHOA.  You've earned your dessert for today, my friend :) 

  18. Elton M.
    Elton M.

    Incredible pace!

  19. Shlomo F.
    Shlomo F.

    Thank you for creating this route

  20. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    You're welcome! Glad someone else might be able to use it!