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Lincoln Peak/Mad River (and stalking Louis)

  • 31.7mi
  • 5,771ft
  • 4:28:57
    Moving Time
  • 2,641


  1. Lone Hoagie

    Nice meeting you today, Doug.

  2. Louis Frechette

    We always seem to run into each other. Nice ride.

  3. Doug Jansen

    I'll have to hit more of the good stuff next time when I'm less hydration challenged. Vermont used to be singletrack deprived. It has really come along with so many destination trail systems now.

  4. john mosher

    Sweat ride! That's not s typo. Fn hot today buddy.

  5. Rob Hult

    Are these trails worth hitting? Maps anywhere?

  6. Doug Jansen

    Rob - I barely scratched the surface of what's there. Google Mad River Riders for a map. They also have detail trail descriptions PDF with recommended ride direction.  There is a lot that is not on the map too. I believe the trails are pretty technical on average, from what I hit, a lot like the Ascutney area STAB trails if you've been there. I plan to go back again and check more of it out.