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Tahoe to Mountain View! Slightly Epic

  • 244.5mi
  • 9,944ft
  • 15:25:31
    Moving Time
  • 8,270
  • 343
    Suffer Score


  1. Sandor D.
    Sandor D.

    When did you make it to mtv?

  2. Giles D.
    Giles D.

    About 11:45

  3. Rob L.
    Rob L.

    Wow! How was traffic? How did you manage water/food?

  4. Rob L.
    Rob L.

    Oh, just saw note on camelback...nice.

  5. Giles D.
    Giles D.

    Traffic wasn't too bad for the most part. I brought a camelback with 3l of water and a bunch of energy bars and stopped at a subway and a gas station.

  6. Rob L.
    Rob L.

    Sounds like you had an extra tire along, too -- good call! Gotta remember to recruit some sag support before attempting anything near this epic myself.

  7. Bob R.
    Bob Ryskamp

    Unbelievable! Pretty much the last thing I'd want to do the day after the death ride!

  8. Gregory P S.
    Gregory P Smith


  9. Gregory P S.
    Gregory P Smith

    You are going to make a Tahoma to Palo Alto segment so that you can have a guaranteed KOM for life, right? ;)

  10. Aleksandar M.
    Aleksandar Milivojević

    Epic!  When I passed you between Jackson and Clements my car claimed it was already 30 degrees outside.

  11. John C.
    John C.

    Epic is an understatement. Great, if deranged, achievement, particularly the day after DR.

  12. Emma D.
    Emma D.

    Well done! So when are you joining us on a brevet :-)

  13. Gregory P S.
    Gregory P Smith

    When are you going to ride back to Tahoe?

  14. Giles D.
    Giles D.

    @Emma dunno, I guess I could do a 400k one! @Greg that would have the advantage of a tailwind through altamont pass

  15. Liam O.
    Liam O.

    I can't imagine how demoralizing any headwind must have been! Truly nuts!

  16. Luis V.
    Luis Valente

    Hardcore!! Well done!

  17. Zachary H.
    Zachary H.


  18. Alexander K.
    Alexander Komlik

    Dude, that was epic! I did not realize it was you we passed after Waterloo. https://flic.kr/p/v4aHAR

  19. Craig H.
    Craig Huffman

    Slightly Epic? Well .... Slightly Demented. No ......That's Awesome. NO .... Totally Demented! NO! .... Totally Awesome! Great Job!!!

  20. Bart N.
    Bart Niechwiej

    Congrats Giles!

  21. John M.
    John Murphy

    finish over the back side of Mt Hamilton or GTFO. Just kidding, very nice. I've always wanted to do this, though headed to SF I would have taken Mormon Emigrant and on to Sacto. Mormon Emigrant is a great road.

  22. Matthew ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ R.
    Matthew ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Redmond

    hot damn. #crushinit

  23. Bryn D.
    Bryn D.

    Well done! I saw you on our drive home on 89. Wondered if it was someone returning from the Death Ride. Never imagined they'd be returning to the Bay Area!