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12/30/2012 Today I rode to Omeo :)

  • 252.5km
  • 4,361m
  • 13:24:09
    Moving Time
  • 9,115


  1. Richard R.
    Richard Read

    You are seriously good and seriously mad! Crazy... I'm not sure what to think! KOMs and PRs all over the place too. Unbelievable. I imagine you'll sleep well tonight providing you take something for the pain. Mad... mad... mad... but good...good...good.

  2. Adele G.
    Adele G.

    Thanks Richard. Thats seriously nice! Not sure you have to think anything. I'm just following matts advice: found some mountains and cranked up them.
    BTW: what pain? Actually seriously not that much. I don't go hard (obviously) just for extended periods of time!!! :)

  3. Richard R.
    Richard Read

    I find when I have a big day.... such as yesterday or after the Alpine Classic... I can never sleep because I hurt too much. A couple of panadien always go down well just to dull the pain.

    But if you're not hurting maybe you need to ride 350 kilometres in one days and see if that does it. It wouldn't surprise me if you did that over the next few weeks!

  4. Adele G.
    Adele G.

    Yeah, I was thinking I could add buffalo and then Mt P if the k's weren't up there...maybe you could join me on your single speed ;) I did find out that someone rode 444km in a day, I didn't know that was possible. Matt was a little scared. Might wait for a road bike for that one :)

    I was pretty tired when I got home but couldn't sleep for a while. I stretched pretty well, so wasn't too sore. I think it takes a while to relax after going for that long? Plus my body isn't used to a lot of caffeine so that red bull at Mt Beauty...

    FTR there was supposed to be a ;) after 'what pain?' in the comment above...

  5. Adele G.
    Adele G.

    In regards to you being in pain after a big day, theres a logical explanation for that. Richard, you go hard! The KOM's, the PR's, the time gains you make...you're awesome!! :)