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Sessioning the tourists

  • 61.5mi
  • 5,259ft
  • 3:39:26
    Moving Time
  • 3,246
  • 48
    Relative Effort


  1. Karan D.

    where are you staying in mill valley?

  2. Osvaldo Tomatis

    nice day for a ride in marin today!

  3. Osvaldo Tomatis

    nice day for a ride in marin today!

  4. Scott Hawxhurst

    wow. talk about scenic. lucky dog.

  5. josh estes

    didn't have the gusto make it a 100k day. shame

  6. Ashley Gruber

    Will you be in town next week? We're heading your way.

  7. Miles D.

    you should lead a group ride in marin!

  8. Ted King

    @Karan, staying with a friend in the MV.

    @Josh, nope, I was perfectly content with 99km. I nearly did another 0.9km out of spite for triple digits.

    @Ashley, I'm out of here on Jan 2. Headed to SoCal.

    @Miles... how's tomorrow?! I have a big one on tap. Say ROLLING at 9:30 from Peet's in MV...?

  9. Miles D.

    i'm only 14 haha

  10. Ted King

    CORRECTION @Miles, rolling at 9am. Gotta get the long ride in before putting my party pants on tomorrow evening!

  11. Miles D.

    what do you have in mind maybe i can tag along for paradise

  12. Nick S.

    Ted - where in SoCal will you be riding?

  13. Miles D.

    ted, im in i will bring one of my team mates with me see you in mv at the petes at 9 cant wait!!

  14. Nick Geiser

    Ted what's your route tomorrow?

  15. John M.

    Ted -- No need for Santa Barbara this year, you must head to the Santa Monica Mts.

  16. Rob Nunes

    Talk about mega Stava Segments in that area!!

  17. Nick S.

    Rob - Yep, welcome to our backyard :) Some say it doesn't suck.

  18. Roger U.

    Hola Ted!! records del josep jufré. Bon any

  19. Shayne Gaffney | GC Coaching

    Yo ted, is this guy ^ making fun of your picture?

  20. Chris H.

    Hey Ted, you should come join us at tomorrow's Mt San Bruno Hillclimb TT, http://penvelo.org/secondary/events.html

  21. Strava A.

    Nice got to ride hawk hill and that area a year ago,good riding

  22. Roger U.

    do not laugh at anyone! or you!

  23. Roger U.

    ted will come to Catalonia in 2013?

  24. Andrew T.

    Nice to see a Great American Pro Riding in the neck of the woods

  25. Andrew T.

    Nice to see a Great American Pro Riding in the neck of the woods

  26. Ted King

    @Chris, I would LOVE to race San Bruno TT tomorrow. Unfortunately the UCI would prefer that I not race at all than help bolster domestic cycling. http://velonews.competitor.com/2012/12/news/usac-vs-obra-are-the-feds-growing-grass-roots-or-trampling-them_270056?utm_medium=whats-hot

    It's a terrible shame since I think local racing, or even NRC races, would quite frankly enjoy my presence. Feel free to shoot USACycling an email telling them that you'd like to see ProTour riders racing local event if you agree. Hope it's a great race tomorrow everyone... and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  27. Sara Stearns

    Happy New Year, Ted!! - Be safe...

  28. Dan H.

    Good seeing you out there!