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Tortalita-50 Year Fun.

  • 36.7mi
  • 2,594ft
  • 3:08:46
    Moving Time
  • 1,611
  • 68
    Suffer Score


  1. Cassi M.
    Cassi M

    I'd like to do this someday. I know 50yr so so and just did the west side of this w/a group. Most of the south are roads right? Are the north side trail/road turns easy to follow?

  2. Chloe W.
    Chloe W.

    This was my first time riding in the Tortalita's. I uploaded a GPX file from Strava onto my Garmin and used that for directions. I think it's all pretty straightforward but I'd make some notes on how to find the north entrance to 50-Year. You just follow a utility service road (under a power line) to traverse to the 50-Year Trail. On the west side, the climbing on Cougar Canyon is a jeep trail until you enter the park. Very fun trails out there!

  3. Cassi M.
    Cassi M

    Hmm I wonder if my cheapy edge 200 can do that? I'll try it. Thank you much!

  4. Kh P.
    Kh P.

    Looks like a good ride