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Tour du Mont Blanc - 13.32, 22nd. Brutal! [should be 8k climbing not 11k!]

  • 330.5km
  • 11,757m
  • 13:11:26
    Moving Time
  • 9,862
  • 426
    Relative Effort


  1. Bill P.

    Jaysus Mate, the word EPIC does not do this ride justice!!

  2. Bill P.

    Flyby shows some good pacing, overtook a load of guys that left you early on

  3. Christian Moxon

    Awesome average pace and pacing over that distance bud, congrats!

  4. Benoit Ramsay

    Yeah, started off very easy and as a result was going past people all day. Notice the five minute stop after around 60k? That was me running like a madman into a random hotel to take a shit!! After that I wasn't with anyone doing same speed as me which was great, could just ride my own pace.

  5. James N.

    Absolutely awesome!

  6. Will Day

    Epic mate!

  7. Mark Ramsay

    Super-steady wattage shows the benefit of the meter........

  8. Benoit Ramsay

    Reckon it was worth at least 20 mins as heart rate not correlated at all to power after a while and in that heat

  9. Robert S.

    Well done mate, a very impressive show of power! Top 10 next year?! :)

  10. Benoit Ramsay

    I'm sure I can find an hour or two from somewhere, yeah! Haha. Top effort from you too mate especially considering your less intensive approach to things this year...!

  11. Benjamin Hall

    I've never seen a Suffer Score that high. I think you're winning at Strava right now.