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07/18/2015 Markleeville, Alta Alpina(staff Ride)

  • 197.9mi
  • 21,496ft
  • 15:55:48
    Moving Time
  • 7,418


  1. Mike T.
    Mike T.

    Awesome ride Kirsten. Way to crush it.

  2. Mike T.
    Mike T.

    I trust they completed paving the last 3.5 miles of the Carson climb.

  3. Kirsten M.
    Kirsten M.

    Thanks Mike, had a really good climbing day. The road was perfect!!!

  4. Anthony R.
    Anthony Rodriguez

    Dang! Great time! Great job!

  5. Cathy F.
    Cathy F.


  6. Gilles B.
    Gilles Bouchard

    Very impressive K!

  7. Gail "Like The Wind" L.
    Gail "Like The Wind" L.


  8. Ronell M.
    Ronell M.

    chapeu.. My QOM!!

  9. Serenity M.
  10. Franz K.
    Franz K.

    The toughest double century ride in California.

  11. Anne K.
    Anne K.

    Wow, you are amazing!

  12. Peg M.
    Peg M.

    WOOT! Strong work

  13. Ed M.
    Ed Middlesworth

    Great ride, great time, and amazing descents! Way to hammer it!

  14. Jenifer R.
    Jenifer Root

    Fun meeting you! congrat's on a great day!

  15. Ed M.
    Ed Middlesworth

    53.5 mph.... is that a record? You are one talented descender!

  16. Kirsten M.
    Kirsten M.

    Amira has gone 54 , last year in Death Ride. Coming down front side of Monitor.

  17. Ed M.
  18. Ronell M.
    Ronell M.

    when i grow up i wanna be as strong as Miss K !!