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Jim Knight Shadow Tour

San Diego, CA
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2015 Shadow Tour Stage 9 Complete. Inland high heat & humidity showed who's boss today. Grisly steam + sun climb on base of S. Gde Palomar, then relief clouds from split to summit, but damage was done. Storm wash on all roads.

Ride July 20, 2015
  • 200.2mi
  • 13,681ft
  • 13:10:03
    Moving Time
  • 7,578
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  1. R G.
    R G.

    Hey Jim, great ride. The humidity is really rough right now. It's tough just to keep hydrated day after day right now. Q: I see a 2 hour difference between your moving time and ride time today. Just wondering if the margin is just from red lights or are you taking plenty of breaks? 

  2. Jim Knight Shadow Tour
    Jim Knight Shadow Tour

    Thks Robert. Big chunk of time was a mechanical issue, even before sun came up. Road were were wet & messy. Had to replace both wheels.. I try my best to stay on bike, minimal breaks.

  3. Jim Corriere
    Jim Corriere

    I like the clouds in your photo. How many more rides like this?

  4.  JT  Theodossi  - Swamis
    JT Theodossi - Swamis

    Crazy- another great ride!

  5. Paul Sowa
    Paul Sowa

    Really Jim !! Big boy ride !!

  6. Jim Knight Shadow Tour
    Jim Knight Shadow Tour

    Thanks much guys, and u too Speedy :) Paul: Definitely reminded me of our sweat-fest climb up S. Grade a couple years ago. It was just like that, plus 90% humidity and storm wash everywhere.

  7.  JT  Theodossi  - Swamis
    JT Theodossi - Swamis

    I was talking to Heather yesterday we were debating going to Palomar, we decided against it, and we were talking about your this hot humid horrible (in my mind) ride up Palomar- and she had said
    You and David did this a few years back - you guys are just .... Tough!!!!!


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