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that might be shorter than the shortest ride I did in all of 2012

  • 15.9mi
  • 1,412ft
  • 1:15:25
    Moving Time
  • 859


  1. Jason M.
    Jason Milliron

    Great weather today.

  2. Tom O.
    Tom O.

    It took me 74 miles today to exceed your climbing on a 15.9 mile route.

  3. Richard B.
    Richard Beard

    Thanks Ted, today is the only time this year most of us will be ahead of the King in miles!

  4. Mark O.
    Mark Oertel

    New PR. Haha!

  5. Steve J.
    Steve J.

    I gave you kudos.

  6. Donkey  🐎.
    Donkey 🐎.

    slacker! ;)

  7. Donkey  🐎.
    Donkey 🐎.

    slacker! ;)

  8. Brent S.
    Brent Sears

    May be short, but many climbs!

  9. Ted K.
    Ted King

    Many climbs = two, no?

  10. Brent S.
    Brent Sears

    Two yes, but 1412 ft in 16 miles!

  11. Brent S.
    Brent Sears

    I had to ride 76 miles to get about the same amount of elev gain, but that's Texas.

  12. Joseph G.
    Joseph Griffith

    lol wow Ted , saw your new years video, motivated me to ride 100+ today

  13. Ricardo A.
    Ricardo Amador

    Grate job :-)

  14. Laurence D.
    Laurence D.

    Welcome back to the Bay Area :)

  15. James S.
    James Slauson

    It is your longest ride in 2013. Congrats!

  16. Daniel  M.
    Daniel Mudimbe

    Good to see you back in the 415.

  17. Sammy M.
    Sammy Moseley

    Minor detail: it isn't 2012, it's 2013

  18. Ted K.
    Ted King

    I'm familiar with the year @Sammy. I'm saying that only one day into 2013, I already rode a shorter one-day distance than any one-day ride in 2012.

  19. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Sad that you had to explain that^ to him.

  20. Dani G.
    Dani Gomis

    My way to the university takes longer than your today's ride!! Just kidding, but it feels good to see a pro rider slower than you for once in the entire life :P

  21. David K.
    David Kless

    King is so patient with his fans, even when they say silly things haha.