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GO 49ers, beat ny!!!

  • 33.6km
  • 551m
  • 1:40:53
    Moving Time
  • 634
  • 27
    Suffer Score


  1. Katie E.
    Katie E.

    that is awesome! very clever

  2. 🍔The Berger Meister🍔

    I literally just had this idea in the shower. Not this specific writing..but the same idea none the less.
    damn you.

  3. Lisa Phillips

    Very cool!

  4. Mateo A猫 O.
    Mateo A猫 O.

    A couple pics: Pre-spelling http://goo.gl/tvSjb & the man with the planm http://goo.gl/jzngJ

  5. Marcel Appelman

    I hope they win, can't wait to see what you'll do for the Superbowl.

  6. Chikara Omine

    Nice! That's so you.

  7. Super F.
    Super F.

    Outstanding work!!!

  8. Bret L.
    Bret L.

    My guess is that this will be the most Kudos you receive for a ride. Well done.

  9. Jim B.
    Jim B.


  10. Chris Phipps

    Mateo & Jan, thanks for joining me. Sure hope the 49ers win today so we can do a bigger one for the Superbowl!

  11. Jason T.
    Jason T.

    Yah, I'm gonna have to get in on the Superbowl geo-scribing ride.

  12. Alexandre 🍪 A.
    Alexandre 🍪 A.

    Very well done! :)

  13. Dan R.
    Dan R.


  14. Angus Y.
    Angus Y.

    Wow, you are so creative.

  15. Lois R.
    Lois R.

    Very impressive.