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Zwift - 07/31/2015 Island

  • 169.2km
  • 5,036m
  • 8:47:08
    Moving Time
  • 6,316
  • 190
    Suffer Score


  1. Ken N.

    Wow! Thats epic

  2. Shane Miller | GPLama

    Awesome work! Now get those files over to the Everesting crew so you hit the big time on the zEverest Hall of Fame! 

  3. Jim P.

    Amazing! It takes a hard man!! Doing that on a trainer is definite mental badassedness!!

  4. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Massive ride Paul! Thanks for your patience with getting this ride live - but it's now forever etched into the http://www.everesting.cc/veveresting-hall-fame/ !

  5. Gautam Sridhar

    Well Done Paul! Looks like we had the same idea - except you got it done about 10 days before me and a hellavalot QUICKER!

  6. Paul Hayden

    Thanks Andy, it's a relief to see it up on the Hall of Fame

  7. Paul Hayden

    Thanks Gautam, and congratulations on your successful attempt, doesn't matter about the time, just that you managed such a difficult challenge.