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01/05/2013 Berkeley, CA

  • 77.5mi
  • 7,115ft
  • 4:28:50
    Moving Time
  • 3,962


  1. Megan  M.
    Megan M.

    A route filled with lots of nice roads.. and views.. that is great

  2. Karl T.
    Karl T.

    Sorry to bug you Nate, but do you find riding Ygnacio Valley Road safe? I've always avoided it, but it probably cuts 10-15min off doing Diablo from Berkeley.

  3. Mike Hardy

    I've actually been hit on Ygnacio, but since then learned all sorts of little tricks - there's a really wide sidewalk then a bail point into a neighborhood around the medical buildings, then you use the trail along the canal for a while. Same basic "crow flies" route but none of the lethal drivers

  4. Karl T.
    Karl T.

    I've done that route through the neighborhood, just looks like Nate took the road straight on this ride.

  5. Nathaniel English

    Yeah, I'm ambivalent about Ygnacio because it's faster and I don't really like all the stop-and-go on the residential streets. I figured it wouldn't be too heavily trafficked on Sat afternoon. Plus, there were a few of us, so it's harder to ignore 4 guys than it is to ignore just 1 rider.

  6. Nathaniel English

    In general, Ygnacio is questionable, depending on the traffic.

  7. Nathaniel English

    They do allow you to ride on the sidewalk, though, so that's an option.

  8. Rob Delfosse

    Hi Nate, That was my club (ValleySpokesmen) drafting y'all from Moraga to Danville. We hope to cheer you and your team up Diablo at ToC. Best of luck!!