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Mark Detweiler

Royersford, Pennsylvania
  • 307
    Activities in 2018
  • 8,639.7
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 192

- Tour de Millersburg Stage 2 - Crit Cat 3 - 21st (12th GC)

Ride August 8, 2015
  • 16.2mi
  • 853ft
  • 37:59
    Moving Time
  • 881
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  1. Nate Moser
    Nate Moser

    keep fighting Mark!

  2. Mark Detweiler
    Mark Detweiler

    Thanks, I'll try. This crit course doesn't suit me at all

  3. Nate Moser
    Nate Moser

    How so?

  4. Mark Detweiler
    Mark Detweiler

    Lots of sprinting, every corner is a battle. I'm not great at spiking my power that often

  5. Nate Moser
    Nate Moser

    Oh, yeah I know what u mean, incur any crashes with that type riding

  6. Mark Detweiler
    Mark Detweiler

    I kept the rubber side down, a few crashes in the field though

  7. George Carey
    George Carey

    Your heart rate looks like mine this time, ha ha

  8. George Carey
    George Carey

    Good luck on RR tomorrow....

  9. B. Trisch B.
    B. Trisch B.

    You did a good job keeping the gaps to a minimum and stayed with the field as slowly more and more were spit out the back. The guys at the front were hammering.

  10. B. Trisch B.
    B. Trisch B.

    I feel like races like this the strongest people sit at the front and even though they can't get away, they think it's fun to hurt everyone in the back. Ow.

  11. Mark Detweiler
    Mark Detweiler

    Yeah there was a lot of suffering going on, the whole field was a mess

  12. B. Trisch B.
    B. Trisch B.

    I hurt more after a 10 mile crit than an 60 miler with you guys laying down the hurt. #ice

  13. Paul Schmeltzer
    Paul Schmeltzer

    Lots of suffering. Nice work.


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