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Most Vertical Meters in 48 Hours

  • 339.5mi
  • 95,623ft
  • 42:46:55
    Moving Time
  • 29,681


  1. Jason Pineda

    Damn bro.... i had to see it to believe! That is crazy!!! Good job!

  2. Gabor T.

    Suffer score: 10^48. Amazing job!!!

  3. Craig Cannon

    Thanks Jason + Gabor!

  4. Mike Wachter

    Truly remarkable! Glad to see you are alive to tell the tale! We all enjoyed dropping in and participating in the experience. Astounding!

  5. Mike "Mr. Crash" Solis

    Was wondering if you got it when I was up in Tahoe - congrats! And good meeting you out there on Saturday!

  6. Eric H.

    I think I have a new .sig: If your friends are crazy enough you start to look sane. Congrats!

  7. charlie h

    Congrats Craig- that was one amazing effort by an amazing cyclist. And kudos to your mom too! What's the 72 hour record? Hah!

  8. C L.

    Congratulations for your new World Record! I can't even fathom how tortuously hard that must have been. You got grit.

  9. Michael Jensen

    Heard about this from M Wachter... Epic hardly does the effort justice. Bravo!

  10. Derald S.


  11. Matt McHugh

    Way to go Craig...it was an honor to join you for a little bit on your quest. Congrats.

  12. Grayed S.

    You are a human Cannon ball!

  13. Ben Knipe

    Daaaaaaaag, yo! My legs hurt just looking at your Strava. Amazing. Congratulations on a huge achievement.

  14. Matt S.

    Great job, Craig! It was great to be able to share a couple laps of this!

  15. Craig Cannon

    Thanks Mike W! Very grateful that you were able to make it out despite the mechanical + bring the ebvc crew!

  16. Craig Cannon

    Great meeting you Mike S!

  17. Craig Cannon

    Eric, I think your weekly elevation would squarely put you in the crazy camp!

  18. Mike Wachter


  19. Craig Cannon

    Thanks Charlie! Great riding with you. For the meantime I'm focusing on records that involve sitting at home and eating pizza.

  20. Craig Cannon

    Thanks C + Michael + Derald!

  21. John P.

    Wow! Fantastic effort. Truly amazing ride! Thanks for showing us how to get it done!

  22. Craig Cannon

    Great riding with you Steve + Sean + Matt M + Matt S!

  23. Craig Cannon

    Haha. Thanks Craig! Didn't realize I hit 60 until after the ride. Probably way too fast given the reps involved but the brakes held up.

  24. Craig Cannon

    Thanks Ben!

  25. Craig Cannon

    Thanks John! It was absolutely a team effort.

  26. G T.

    Rode with you on Sunday - your positive energy and vibrant spirit were alive and well! Congratulations on a truly amazing accomplishment!

  27. Bob Gade


  28. Ken C.

    What a great achievement Craig. I only did a couple of laps with you when EBVC dropped by Sat morning, but it was enough to impress upon me the magnitude of what you were trying to accomplish, and did! Congratulations on a truly monumental ride.

  29. Jamy B.

    Unbelievably crazy! How many hill repeats was this? And why SPD over Wildcat, Tunnel, Claremont or Pinehurst?

  30. Craig Cannon

    Thanks so much Gyll + Bob + Ken! Fun riding with you guys.

  31. Grayed S.

    Actually I meant shooting upward not downward. How many pizzas does it take to replace 30,000 calories? I think you might be setting another record without realizing it.

  32. Craig Cannon

    Thanks Jamy! 227 laps. This section of SPD won for several reasons. I was looking for a very consistent grade that I knew I could ride all day (I previously did an Everest on all of SPD and a 24hr ride on just this section). Anything steeper was out because it'd be too hard without crazy gearing - I'm already low with 50/34 + 11-32 - and anything less than 9 or 10% would've meant using energy against wind resistance vs energy for climbing the hill. Following that was proximity to the East Bay so people could easily come ride. Then there was road quality: pavement, traffic, parking. So, Wildcat: too flat, too much traffic; Tunnel: mostly too flat, poor descent pavement; Claremont: strong contender but still a bit too much traffic and I much prefer descending SPD; Pinehurst: definitely the most attractive climb but it changes grade frequently and is slower to descend given the tight turns. For a second I considered Moeser but it ended up being too pitchy. Now that it's all wrapped up, I'm totally happy with the choice.

  33. Bruce Burkhalter

    This is so incredible. Great meeting you and your mom (she is awesome). Congrats!

  34. Reed Levitt

    This is awesome! Congrats!

  35. Jeanmarie Cannon

    Thanks to all the the cyclists that came out to support Craig!! This couldn't have happened without all of you ! All the love was so heart felt!

  36. Matthew ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ R.

    This is the most insane thing that I've seen all year, and it's my actual job to scour strava for insane data. Chapeau.

  37. Ian Mathias

    What?!?! Amazing!

  38. Edward Dorsey

    Good God - just incredible.

  39. Ken C.

    Craig, a technical question, how did you keep your Garmin charged for that long?

  40. Craig Cannon

    Thanks Bruce + Reed + Matthew + Ian + Edward!

  41. Craig Cannon

    Ken - very, very carefully. I mounted the 510 on my bars - usually on the stem but I needed USB access - and ran a 4ft USB cable along my top tube into a saddlebag where I kept a battery pack when charging. Either the cable or the cable length started causing problems toward the end - triggering the auto power off screen while I was riding - so I taped a small battery pack to my stem and used a much shorter cable, which worked. I was also trying to track with Strava on my phone but it crashed twice so I bailed on it and just hoped the Garmin wouldn't die.

  42. O. Timothy J.

    wow! speechless and in awe!

  43. Matt McHugh

    Say Craig- Did any of your team keep track of the quantity of food you ate during the ride? It would be cool to see a list of foods/quantities/approx calories if you have that data.

  44. Craig Cannon

    Thanks Jason + Barack (hm) + O!

  45. Craig Cannon

    Matt - We kept track for the first 12ish hours. I'll extrapolate that out and post a gdoc here.

  46. Andrew Goessling

    I met you at Rapha a few weeks ago! Insanity dude, way to go!

  47. Grayed S.

    There is a pretty high risk of failure with Garmins running off an external battery - going into recharge only no operation mode. I'm glad luck was on your side. If you have a couple you can charge one while using the other.

  48. Mike "Mr. Crash" Solis

    I grabbed one of these to prevent that on the longer rides I do. Haven't had to use it yet, but I probably will during the SFR Old Caz 300K next month (took me 16 hours last year). My Edge 500 shuts off whenever I plug into my standard USB battery.


  49. Craig Cannon

    Matt M - Here's a pretty barebones outline of what I ate. Let me know if you have questions! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yXnGOkKPyQMx5cJq80fb5OSJ0MRSvJEsGs54rUueccg/edit#gid=0