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VIRTUAL EVERESTING - Watopia KOM - #Hells500

  • 331.0km
  • 8,935m
  • 19:41:17
    Moving Time
  • 11,123


  1. Jerry A.

    Congratulations Gautam. That is one beast of a ride mate! Rest well:))

  2. Gautam Sridhar

    Special Thanks to Will Fraser for Letting me borrow all his Gear!!!

  3. Jono Bates

    Had to look you up and give you some kudos. Well done mate - you've planted the seed - my wife will probably hate you :p

  4. B L.

    Great ride Gautam!

  5. Rheicel Reobaldo

    Uhuh, this is where you did it :)

  6. Rheicel Reobaldo

    You are crazy mate, I can't even do 1 hour on the trainer, hahaha. Well done!

  7. Malcolm W.

    Serious kudos ...

  8. William Fraser

    Mental!! No idea how you can do that, or even why...but congrats!!

  9. William Fraser

    The power isn't showing up on strava??

  10. Gautam Sridhar

    Thanks All. That took a few hours longer than I expected but at least it is done! Jono Bates - I'm in the dog house for 6 months after yesterday , so be careful :). Will, check the Analysis - Power is there but I don't have Premium so it probably doesn't come up in the usual place.

  11. Lucy Alexus

    Gautaum!! That is truly EPIC, you surely live on big doses of endorphins! Forever in Awe...

  12. Biker J.

    Can I give you virtual kudos?

  13. Jono E.

    v mad

  14. Carl K.

    Amazing ride! Well done. You must have sweated buckets.

  15. Justin Mclean

    This is an epic ride. And I assume you didn't even have to leave home.

  16. Rob Kennaugh

    Outstanding ride. Well done Gautam.

  17. Michael A.

    Yeah...11,000 calories! But you weren't on the ride today. Time to take a teaspoon of cement and harden up you woos! Still, not a bad effort

  18. Brian H.

    I'm speechless. Congrats!

  19. Gautam Sridhar

    Thanks All! I am absolutely stoked to be the First Person Ever to have completed both an Outdoor and Indoor Everesting!

  20. Tobias van den Broek

    Awesome work! Congrats

  21. Andrew Z.

    Your next challenge Gautam? http://road.cc/content/news/160746-how-much-us-rider-climbs-most-vertical-metres-48hrs-strava

  22. Gautam Sridhar

    Andrew, that is simply sensational! Truly inspirational!

  23. Frances L.


  24. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Massive mate! Congrats on being the first to complete Virtual and Outdoor everestings! This ride is now up in the http://www.everesting.cc/veveresting-hall-fame/

  25. Gautam Sridhar

    Thanks Andy!

  26. Lucy Alexus

    Gautaum to stomp Cannon's thunder? Imagine all that pizza justified :)

  27. Gautam Sridhar

    That's a hill too far :P

  28. Frank Garcia

    How did the indoor and outdoor compare?

  29. Gautam Sridhar

    2 Completely different things Frank. It's going to be different for everyone. For me(of all the rides I've done), out of 10, vEveresting is a 8.5, Audax 300 was a 9, Audax 400 was a 9.2 and the Outdoor Everesting was a 9.4.

    The outdoor one, you've got to contend with traffic, boredom, tiredness, constant turning, potholes,etc,etc. I was sore in places that I didn't know existed - my neck, arms, fingers, shoulders, etc. I was in serious amounts of pain through the middle kms.

    Indoor was different - yes, you are safe from traffic, yes you have ready access to hot food and toilets, yes you have ur TV but I think the boredom factor was more, my concentration waned, there was no breeze and the fan was annoying after a while. I don't remember what I actually watched to any great extent. My ass and my lower body was quite sore and the big issue was that one can't really get out of the saddle (whilst pedalling)much in the indoor one. But other parts of my body were fine.

    I think Hells500 have got it right by putting them in separate categories but I think both are difficult in their own ways.