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The first rule of Bike Club is tell everyone about Bike Club

  • 98.5mi
  • 11,596ft
  • 5:52:32
    Moving Time
  • 6,090


  1. Greg Oatley

    Third rule of Bike Club: someone yells "stop!", goes limp, taps out, ride away from them as fast as you can.

  2. Dale C.

    Who is this Ted King guy? Strolls into Agoura Hills and takes all the KOMs on Strava away from the local climbing monsters. Funny.

  3. Axel D.

    That's some significant vert!

  4. Stephen (Joey) Dawson

    Darn pros :p

  5. Vitaly G.

    There are climbers in SoCal?! I thought you guys just raced flat crits :p.

  6. jayne duvall

    i feel like that's an amazing cadence for all that elevation...your thoughts?

  7. Matt Cuttler

    KOM on latigo to piuma is baller

  8. Ted King

    @Jayne, no it doesn't strike me as impressive. You spin some, grind some, then overall you almost always end up somewhere in the mid-80s all said and done.

  9. Greg P.

    yeah...if you're Ted King.

  10. X Xx | Dan The Shredded Beast Turner N.

    Glad to see you in our hood. Have you met my buddy Joe Keays?

  11. Krisztian Romvari (Strava Police)

    This is the ride I would have loved to do IF I didn't have to work today. Maybe I should talk to my kids about cutting down on food so I can take Mondays off. SOLID- (Along came Polly French Scuba Instructor in Speedos)

  12. Michael Johnson

    Strava needs to add a "Super Mega Ultra King Kudos" option just for you Ted!

  13. Connor Meehan

    Even though I'm ultra slow in comparison we should ride some time man!

  14. Roger Weston

    I agree with Michael Johnson, "Super Mega Ultra King Kudos". He's the BEST.

  15. Brent Sears

    “Man, I see in fight (bike) club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived"
    Nice ride!

  16. Ben P.

    going good there ted

  17. Ben P.

    going good there ted

  18. John M.

    Ted, I'm sure you've been asked this many times, but what's your average heart rate and calorie burn on a training ride like this?

  19. Ted King

    Nearly 1,000 cal/hr. I think I came home with like 265w average so like 5,600 delicious calories. WATTS.

  20. Nicky Backbone

    Standard ride in Malibu

  21. John M.

    Man, you're going to need to eat something really delicious to replenish those digits.

  22. Shubho G.

    Too Good!

  23. John W.

    Another heck of a ride Ted. Can't wait to see you put this training to the test in your races this year. Hate to be a pest but really curious... what/how much do you eat on a ride like that to stay fueled?

  24. Connor Meehan

    Is making 1296W while sprinting your ass off good?

  25. Ted King

    @John W., all depends on the day, your mood, your hunger, the intensity, etc. Today I had the Teddy oatmeal with egg, microwaved with some raisins and maple syrup - probably 600 calories all said and done. Plus coffee, naturally. On the ride it was...

  26. Ted King

    ...2 bars plus 1 stop at the local proper coffee shop for an Americano. I arrived home peckish, but I still had energy nearly the whole ride. Probably hungry towards the end but I plowed through that knowing recovery lunch was on the other side.

  27. Ted King

    @Connor, from a non sprinter, YES.

  28. John W.

    Had to get that maple syrup plug in there eh? Seriously though, thanks for sharing your thoughts/answers with us wannabe's - shows a lot of class. And no wonder you guys are so svelte. 6hrs and over 11,000ft of climbing on a 600 cal breakfast and a few bars is impressive.

  29. Ted King

    My lunch followed almost immediately by dinner was more reasonable. Or humane.

  30. Oliver O'Sullivan

    First rule of Street Countdown, is that you really must try and tell as many people as possible about it. It's a rather fun game, and the more people you tell about it the better.

    I wish you domination and good times for the upcoming season, Ted!

  31. Hans Manzke

    Nice KOM!

  32. Debbie Knickman .

    best of luck this season, and happy training in the santa monicas this month!

  33. Scott Hawxhurst

    and the second rule???

  34. David Rutledge

    I hope to "borrow" your phrasing about bike club and the second rule of bike club is to ride your bike. Hope to see you again this year (esp. cross vegas again!)

  35. Christopher Dart

    Rule # 2: You do not talk about Fight Club.

  36. Connor Meehan

    Tee-hee, that's just Strava's estimate so I'm not sure how accurate it is. I'm a clidesdale so putting my body weight into it helps. That and leg-pressing 1,000lb.