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In the books

  • 68.5mi
  • 9,590ft
  • 4:09:00
    Moving Time
  • 4,266


  1. Nicky Backbone

    Teddy, I'm off work for the next week if you're keen for a big cruiser like this with a bud. I live at the base of Latigo on pch. Hit me up if you're down. I'll be out there. Osky58@gmail.com

  2. Ted King

    Thanks Nicky. Team arrives tomorrow. In other words, free time: OVER. Thanks for the offer. Maybe you'll see the Team Cannondale Pro Cycling boys out and about!

  3. Christopher V.

    Funny how during your free time you ride around and get KOM everywhere and just plain go fast.
    Team arrives...ride around, get KOM everywhere and go faster.

  4. Ted King

    Nope Christopher, doesn't really work like that. I train hard. And I train a lot. Nabbing KOMs is a fringe benefit of riding hard, but you don't "just plain go fast" without a lot of hard work.

  5. Anthony Roach

    Mr. King, how come you are not using/uploading from your Garmin? Lay some power numbers on us!

  6. Christopher V.

    Oh I know you work hard! Was just stating how in your free time you train hard too!

  7. Ted King

    Right. And I'm saying that me riding my bike is not free time - that's me at work!

  8. John W.

    Sign of a real professional - spend your "free time" putting in 80-90 mile days climbing up and down mountain passes working your ass off so you are prepared for team training camp. Guess that's how you stay employed as a pro cyclist. Good luck this year Ted.

  9. Stephen Szibler

    Shoot I don't even upload all my rides here immediately to avoid encouraging my amateur teammates TOO much (we have a January base time challenge). I don't want them squeezing in one more trainer ride at 10 pm! ;-) And I should probably be doing other stuff!

    Good work, Ted!

  10. Christopher V.

    Ah ok. Think I understand your reference to free time now in your original comment. Keep up the good work!

  11. xXx | Joseph Keays | NPBS |

    Excellent work this week at following the Underground Cardinal Rules of not coming into town and taking everyone's KOM's. As you know, you must submit written permission if you want to make any KOM attempts. HA

  12. John G.

    Cracking meters gained mate!