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Giro d'Italia Stage 20? Pretty close... (solo self-destruction ride)

  • 194.5km
  • 3,818m
  • 7:00:12
    Moving Time


  1. Alex Bumpers

    Lol you're insane man... How do you ride that long solo and keep enough nutrition on you?

  2. Adrien Costa

    bring money. buy food.

  3. Alex Bumpers

    I see..... Lol.

  4. Landry Bobo

    Are you dead yet?

  5. Evan East

    Spin out the legs ride.

  6. Geoffrey Curran

    This is stage 20 of the Giro? Then you have a climb to the Stelvio tomorrow, then a helicopter transfer to Milan, TT on stage 22.

  7. Adrien Costa

    yeah man i'm resting up, hopefully I'll do good in the TT, bring home that pink jersey

  8. Carl Nielson


  9. Jon S.

    May have to try this on the weekend - need something like this as a stepping stone to the Death Ride.

    I'll just be riding at 2/3rds your speed.