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A lot of gaps in not a lot of distance boondoggle

  • 63.7mi
  • 8,865ft
  • 5:00:46
    Moving Time
  • 4,490


  1. Paul Lohnes

    A KOM on Braintree...well done HJ. Great day.

  2. Paul Lohnes

    So I see a segment about "mossy gap descent" Funny, I was wondering what that on Lincoln, That could have been ugly..I thought it was pollen

  3. Doug Jansen

    There are other mossy paved descents in New England. Gotta be careful on that. Pollen ain't much better. I think that is what John Funk said took him down around a switchback on Mallorca this spring.

  4. Larry Kushner

    Wow, KOM for 5.2mph climb. Must be pretty steep

  5. Doug Jansen

    Larry - you have no idea! Not only steep, but it was a jeep two-track and very rocky. 30 minutes at a cadence that couldn't have been over 40rpm.

  6. Paul Lohnes

    So I tried elevation correction and would you believe it added 100 feet!.. Mine was right on

  7. Doug Jansen

    Vertical truth is elusive. More is always right, right?! I tried the correction too and got a bump up. Interesting we have identical tracks, yet Strava's correction still gives us different numbers. I've tried correction before with my 510 and it went the other way, down, a couple times, so I generally just leave it alone.